Ann Brown

I wanted to honor and celebrate this human. Thank you, Ann for being a pioneer. Ann Brown Memorial School is a place where kids are treated with kindness and respect. They are trusted and given the opportunities of freedom and responsibility. We are a safe place that is vibrant in self-worth and acceptance.


Ann Brown is an important female figure for Fayetteville, Arkansas. We dedicate our school to Ann Brown and the many gifts she gave to the people of Fayetteville. Born on August 11, 1923 in Fayetteville, AR., Ann was destined for a life of service and education. Her accomplishments were many. She held a Bachelor's Degree in Art and a Master's Degree in Education, both from the University of Arkansas. She became a teacher at Washington Elementary. Ann Brown was a well-respected educator and change agent that later opened Brown's Kindergarten where she educated generations of children in Fayetteville. Ann was very active with the Democratic Women and was invited to attend Jimmy Carter's inauguration. Ann was dedicated to projects that served students, poor, elderly and that conserved and protected the earth's resources. She helped build many cottages on her farm to provide low-cost housing to students and artists. Anyone who met Ms. Ann could see, in her, a shining light. Her farm is still a magical place run by her son, Josh Brown, his wife, Martha Pilgrim and their five amazing sons, Roy, Reyes, Solomon, Leaf, and Roald. Her legacy will live on through the Ann Brown Memorial School, Center for Inspired Education.

Why Sudbury?

The Sudbury model believes that all children are born with a strong desire to learn what they need in order to become an effective adult in the society to which they are born. In fact, our species would not have survived for very long without this inner drive. Our current education system was designed to short-circuit this process in order to make people into cogs of the industrial machine. It made sense at one point in history. However, in this postindustrial, or information, age, children know that traditional schooling is a waste of time, so more and more of them are tuning out. Our community will provide your child with the time and space to get back in touch with their own natural desire to learn without being told to do so.

Children are learning all of the time. When children are very young, they are like little scientists. This natural, driven, curiosity can continue into school age if it is allowed to thrive. Children and teens are curious about their world and naturally want to grow to become independent adults–which is unique for each of them, as it is for adults. Sudbury schools foster a child’s internal motivation, which is a much more powerful driver to learning than external motivation.

How we roll...

  • Children must be respected and treated as people.

  • The act of true/authentic learning is a positive experience.

  • The relationship between the Mentor and the Student is full of mutual respect, regard and understanding.

  • School subjects can be practical + integrated + full of playful imagination.

  • We are all hard-wired for connection.

  • We have tools for peaceful problem-solving and can move through obstacles together.

  • Knowing + directing yourself + how you learn best is the goal.

  • Learning to love and accept yourself and others is key!

Our Mission

To create an intentional community that empowers young people to follow their individual and shared interests within a dynamic, democratic, mixed-age environment based on meaningful work, individual rights, and respect for the whole community.