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Doors and windows will be kept open to increase the airflow in the building, weather permitting.


Limited Enrollment

Enrollment will be limited to 20 students with a waiting list.


Additional Cleaning

In addition to daily Services and sanitizing throughout the day, we will close on Fridays for deep cleaning.

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Outdoor Classrooms

We will utilize the outdoor space for all of our playing and learning by creating outdoor classrooms with guidelines to help support the teachers and students, weather permitting.

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Room Occupancy

Rooms will have the maximum occupancy posted on the doors

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Everyone will be expected to wash their hands regularly and will be provided with healthy hand sanitizer at school.

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Social Distancing

Everyone is expected to maintain a six foot distance from each other whenever possible.

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Face Coverings

Everyone is expected to wear face coverings when physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

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Staff members will screen all students for illness when they arrive for the day. This will include taking their temperature and asking questions about any current symptoms.

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Sick at School

If students or staff get sick at school, we will have an established isolated room to rest in until they can go home.

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Parents are expected to keep kids at home if they or anyone else in the home is sick.

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Positive Cases

If a student or staff member, any member of their household, or anyone they may have come into contact with, tests positive for COVID-19, inform the school immediately. School officials will work with county health officials regarding all suspected and confirmed cases.